The Secret to Firing Your Real Estate Agent – Fire Your Real Estate Agent, Broker or Realtor

Have you been working with a real estate agent that is driving you nuts?

Are you sick of them but don’t know how you to fire them?

As a professional real estate broker, I work with a fair number of clients that have at some point been working with a real estate agent or Realtor that was just horrible. They call and try find out information, but never get called back.

One of my friends commented to me that he fired his agent after “I had told her exactly what I what I was looking for, and what three things my house needed to have. She called me with a house to see so I took part of the day off work and drove an hour up to see the house and it was all wrong!”

Do you feel that way and want to know how to fire your real estate agent?

The answer is incredibly simple! In most cases you only need to call or email tell them and tell them that you no longer want to work with them. Be honest and direct.

This is not the time to feel sympathetic. If they were doing a bad job, then you should fire your agent!

What if you signed a buyers agency agreement?

If you signed a buyers agency agreement with your agent or Realtor, then you need to make sure that they will release you from that contract. Here is the secret!

Sometimes agents get greedy and won’t want to let you out of the buyers agency agreement that you signed. Hit them with their failure to act appropriately on their behalf.

Most states have an agency law that states that your agent has to do what is best for you. If they weren’t returning calls or are showing you the wrong houses, then they weren’t upholding their agency duties! Use that against them!

I admit that the secret to firing your agent is almost not a secret, but many people put off firing their real estate agent too long, and suffer for it.

Don’t delay! If you are not happy with your agent or Realtor, fire them today!

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